ROKONUZZAMAN KHAN Green are dark forest, meadow, river-banks and cropland Everywhere there resides Sheikh Mujibur Rahman In this golden land fields yield golden paddy in abundance Looking at the smile of crop it seems that Sheikh Mujib smiles When Bangali… Continue reading

Mujib means

NIRMALENDU GOON Mujib means, but nothing else Mujib means freedom Child’s love with his father, Treaty ever unwritten. Mujib means, but nothing else Mujib means strength Dedication till eternity Keeping head high and bold of the Bangali Mujib means, but… Continue reading


SHAMSUL ISLAM My hope My language Dream and future The flag of independence Of this Bangla Fly above all. Blood-drenched Sun is painted on the flag, O, look. In everybody’s heart There remain Bangabandhu Sheikh.

Fifteenth August

MUHAMMAD NURUL HUDA Today’s fifteenth August, today’s mourning of the Bangalees Let whole of the sky of Bangla he a half-mast flag Today’s empty, today’s desolation, today people are all shattered In Rard, Harikel, in Banga and Samatath In great… Continue reading