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Siddique Mahmudur Rah.


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Avenues of Segun, Jarul
Eyes of tigers can be seen and roars of lions behind.

Wherever you want to move- Go.
How far could you go running?
In front of you is sand-dunes, white barren land,
Oasis, flocks of camels.
How far you want to go- Go.
Where shall you go away!
Wars are breaking out in the Third World
If you run further encountering mirage
You will not find even a drop of water
Under the Sun and thirst
Wherever you want to escape- Go.
Only follow the foot steps of human beings.
You might find out
A habitation,
Kingfisher lake,
White swan!
Where's your world, where shall you go?

Segun: A variety of tree popular for making furniture; Jarul: A variety of tree with flamboyant flower

Translated by: Siddique Mahmudur Rahman