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Cool darkness

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Whisper with each other, living old mother
Looks up on the sky- speechless.
Darkness gradually deepened
This darkness cast shade on neem tree
Inside the courtyard a ghostlike owl hoots
Making gurgling sound the steam engine runs
Black smoke makes the darkness darker.

I'm awake at the midnight- day and night is akin to midnight!
Wind stops blowing burning down piles of coals,
The steam engine erupt smoke
Wide sky is engulfed by dank darkness
I see face of my sweetheart, faces of lovely child-
I see- two caged birds restless
Prepare nest with twigs and branches
I see flocks of black bats
Make chattering sounds in the room with theirs wings
Winds stops moving
From those wings of the bats
    Slowly, leisurely
         Unhurried, restfully
Like intoxicated addiction dense, thick cool-darkness
        Befall all around.

neem: A tree of Bengal famourt for its medicinal value

Translated by: Siddique Mahmudur Rahman



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