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Reserved Forest (To Mina)

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I went on walking a long way
When I met you.
In that reserved forest
I’ve heard that story from some other’s remarks
Human beings become nostalgic
While speaking of the story
After walking a long way
Crossing a thached hut, homestead of Santals
Holy hrines  of the saints, dervishes
Air-conditioned restaurents of the suburban area
I gradually proceeded towards the forest
Here I met you
I’m not a blind, still I moved a long way as a sightless man
A double-decker moved fast in front of me
With it a wisp of wind moved fast with dust and filth
Tomtom, cycle-rickshaws of the old times also crossed me
A cow-cart moved with commodities
Only at a glance I saw
Haggard cart-driver looked back at me with famin-stricken etes
Without involving into all these events
I slowly walked through the paths of the reserved forest.



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