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Siddique Mahmudur Rah.


Being in love with one’s language PDF Print E-mail

Mahfuzur Rahman makes some points on a volume of poetry.
Most of us Bengalis profess to love our mother tongue. Most of us also think of the language movement as a quest for national identity. Twenty-first February 1952 stands out as a symbol of both. It speaks for Bengali language and identity. Does it also speak for other languages in the world?
Muhammad Habibur Rahman, eminent jurist, writer of scores of books, and himself a veteran of the language movement, apparently thinks so, as do many others. The United Nations declaration of the day as the International Mother Language Day underlined the symbolism.

25 Baishakh - Our paean to the Bard PDF Print E-mail

thagore_bdRabindranath Tagore goes on occupying a very large segment of our collective literary consciousness. And as Bangla-speaking people in Bangladesh, in West Bengal, indeed all across the Bangalee diasora observe today the 150th anniversary of the birth of the poet, it is fair to suggest that the pre-eminent niche he holds in our collective life is not likely to be moved or shaken ever.


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