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Fanciful Painting

- Our planet is going to be destroyed at midnight

At this intense ruin, how could you remain solemn, O woman?

I sing the hymn of silence.

- There's no one called Supreme Being golden provisions?

I sing the hymn of silence.

Have you ever went to the aerial of ocean and forest?


The immense water and glittering winged fishes of the ocean

I talk with the middle-class insects

Of the dark dense darkness Earth. From the deep womb of Time

Rise up the present future.

I recreate all through the day and night

A fanciful painting.


Text Box: 61
Dark Stallion

The black horse of Attila gallops fast

Destroys the golden handle of the civilization

Ancient monuments, Cornea of the nature

Deep sigh and dialogue of the Earth tremble

Men and women live their lives under the shade of war.

The trees, shrubs, Hiroshima vulgar life

Under the prehistoric darkness there are shadows of primeval ghosts

Behind the night the night diminish, diurnal pathos

Hated breath of the Hades flare up; wreckage:

We know not when the death-like havoc will lessen

The dark horse will come to a halt looking at the face of a child

Laughter like the stripes of Giraffe- drum-beat of harsh dispute

The ocean-birds, enlighten citizen and butterfly come

floating to the Earth

In the brightened festivity of the forest.

Looking Glass

Darkness, tell me, whose deserted mirror are you

Reflectionless non-blinking resemblance

Deserted mirror, tell me, whose darkness are you

Portrait of unclose, candid soul.

Hazy rays of light burn on the cheek of Time

Darkness, tell me, whose talon of deserted mirror are you

My Earth, whose history of traversing living soul.

My soil, are you awake? Life solitary kindling of intellect.


[1] Al Mujahidi (b. 1943), first book of poems 'Hemloker Peyala Award: Ekushey Padak, 2003.



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