In the garden of Manzul Elahi

We are sitting in the dappled evening

A few of us. We talked, of many a subject

Some said of Bangabandhu,

In this connection about murdered Allende and

Some commented about the history of the of upraise of Chile’s army.

However, subjects of Iran and Iraq were also discussed.

Uncertain future of Cuba after Castro’s departure

Dominance of unscrupulous traders

And about the distress of the people of Bengal,

Lifelong starvation, we all talked about all these

While chewing cashew and drinking coffee.

Gradually night descended

Like silent steps on black cat

The fireflies blinked around the tables and chairs

As if they will remain blinking for ever.

We went to the dinner table

Manzur Elahi repeated, Rifle is the source of all power.

Classless society can not be achieved without bloodshed

Nobody gives up the class interest.


I looked through the window

And saw the entire garden of Manzur Elahi was captured by the fireflies.

Without a battle, without bloodshed.

(Translated by: Siddique Mahmudur Rahman)

[1] Shahid Quadri (b. 1942), first book of poems ‘Uttaradhikar‘ was published in 1967

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